5-page custom packages available.





What does it take to get online? About 10 days, and 3 key ingredients..

There are a minimum of 3 components to every web site, a web site cannot be a web site without them. The Web Site itself, Hosting and your Domain Name.

 Obviously, you must have your design. A successful design consists of several elements (appearance, navigation, communication, feedback) that must act together in such a way as to make your message easy to understand, easy to find, and easy to make contact. See the pattern here? Surfers want your message as quickly as possible with as little between them, and what they are looking for as possible.


Hosting in simple terms, is the computer on which your web site resides. It holds your web page files, as well as your internet name and address.

Two of the most important features with any web host is the speed of it's connection, and reliability of the hardware. All hosted Calloway Designs custom web sites are housed within up-to-date servers, and connected to the internet backbone via 3 of the top commercial networks available in the U.S. Each and every hosting account comes with C-Panel, unlimited emails, and more space than any normal site will ever need.


Believe it or not, there are some companies charging as much as $50 a month for domain names... Most of us have seen the GoDaddy commercials by now, but if you haven't... domain names are only $9 a year. If you found this web site, you know what a domain name is, the question is ... how much are you paying. If you're not using GoDaddy.com (in my opinion) you're probably getting ripped off!

That being said, think about your name carefully (I can help), the domain name not only identifies who you are, but the search engines use it in their calculations when listing your site. 


Calloway Design Package



My 10 page packages are very simple, and includes the following:

  1. A Custom Design - Like many other might, I do not use templates on to which I add your name and logo, then bill you. Each design is hand-built from scratch, and you will have more than one design to look at.

  2. Blank Template Page - One of the funny things about companies is that information changes (funny how that works). Because changes are inevitable, I include a blank template with every site that will allow for an easy site update AND this page does not count against your page count, it's added free!

  3. All of your relevant files - As I stated before, if you pay for your site, you ought to own it so I make sure you have a copy of all of your final files online, and on cd.

  4. Non-repetitive billing - A standard practice with web design firms is to charge monthly, quarterly, and/or yearly for a web site. The argument is that as long as the company is using it for advertising, a bill should be sent... Nonsense! You pay for your Calloway Design Web Site only once! The only repetitive fees are for hosting and your domain name, and where you get those is up to you (yes, I offer them)..

24/7/365 advertising for less than a daily cup of Starbucks!